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  • Changsha Branch, SAIC VOLKSWAGEN
    Special thanks to Mao Hanhui, a salesman of GRG Metrology &Test (Hunan) co., Ltd. She always confirms the relevant parameters and usage status of the equipment time and time again from point of view customers during each field service. Due to her meticulous, patient and effective communication, the things go smoothly, reflecting the rigorous and standardized measures of GRGT.
  • Changan Mazida Automobile
    During the instrument calibration, Engineer Ren found that the wheel load scale could not meet the requirements due to errors, he carried the standard instrument, over 50 kg, here and there, and he did not stop to have a rest even when he was sweat profusely. He was busy in debugging until noon. We are deeply touched by his extreme service and his spirit of thinking of his customers